David Townsend - RE/MAX Results | Agent

“I would highly recommend Dwight.  My wife Kerrie and I have been long time customers of Dwight’s.  We first started doing business with him when he was affiliated with a large insurance firm.  We followed Dwight to Independent Insurers because of our confidence in him.   The good news was that he was able to save us money, and provide even better coverage.


We have complicated insurance needs that include a self employed business and a portfolio of rental properties.  It is reassuring knowing we have an experienced knowledgeable professional like Dwight making sure that we are properly covered.


If you are looking for an agent that will watch out for you, and will provide you with helpful information, you have found the right guys."

Customer happiness is the greatest reward



John Mowrey – Essence Healthcare | Agent

“We currently work with Dwight for several of our family's needs. We first worked together when we realized our family needed to be protected in the event either I, my wife, or both of us were to be taken unexpectedly. Dwight worked with to understand what our needs were and counseled us as to how much life insurance would help us care for our children and/or spouse if one of us were to pass. He helped us walk through the various options while focusing on 'what would be best for our family.' We now work with Dwight for our vehicles, boat and home. We do so because we know he will help us find the best option and more importantly, because we trust him and can count on him.”

Bryan Mowrey – Jubilee Church | Lead Pastor

“Personal service is a big deal to me. I want to know that I can get information from an actual person. Dwight and his team exceeds expectations in their availability and effectiveness by providing the right information along with the right product for my home, auto and life insurance needs. I'll never leave.”

Jordan Dillon –

"I have been a customer of Dwight's for the better part of a decade and he makes insurance easy! The market changes so much and it would be such a headache to have to keep track of all of that. Dwight is an independent agent who has access to a lot of great carriers so I know I'm getting a competitive rate. My life has changed dramatically over the last 7 years, including buying & selling houses, buying & selling cars, as well as adding kids to our family, and Dwight has helped me tremendously to have peace of mind and to know that we're protected. We've never had a negative experience working with Dwight & his staff, and although we continue to get great rates and save money, the thing that keeps us is the thoughtful and helpful customer service!"

Steven J. Platter – The Canon House, Ltd.

"Having been in a small, and yet very difficult business to classify for over 40 years, I have never had anyone as good as Dwight.  He keeps up with any and all regulations, gets the best rates around and that counts for a lot.  Most of all though is his and the staffs level of service.  Whatever we need, whenever we need it . . . it’s done.  To a small, yet fast moving company like ours, they have been a true and valued partner."

Bryndon & Collin Bay – First Crack Coffee, LLC

"Dwight Rigel has been the agent for Frist Crack Coffee from our start-up days to today.  My brother and I chose Dwight because of the great service he and his staff provide every time we need assistance.  Asking them to look into alternative solutions time and again is never too much for them!"

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